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Garment Registration

In 1980, the California Legislature, in an effort to protect the wages and the and health and safety standards enjoyed by all California industries, passed the Garment Manufacturing Act, which required industry employers to register with the Labor Commissioner and demonstrate adequate character, competency, and responsibility. In California, it is unlawful for any person to hire others to manufacture garments unless registered with the Labor Commissioner. The registration process requires that applicants take an examination that demonstrates his or her command of California’s basic labor and health and safety laws.

  1. For the General Provisions section of the Garment Manufacturing Labor code click [HERE].
  2. To search the Garment Manufacturers and Contractors Registration Database click [HERE].
  3. Click here to view the Application Requirements for NEW Garment Manufacturing Industry in a printable Adobe Acrobat form.
  4. Click here to view the public health form in a printable Adobe Acrobat form.
  5. The direct line to the Garment license and registration of DLSE is: (415) 703-4848 Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 8:00-5:00pm.
  6. Click here to view the form of Garment Manufacturing Registration Application in a printable Adobe Acrobat form.
  7. Click here to view the IRS 8821 form with instructions in a printable Adobe Acrobat form.

If you wish to request application forms, e-mail the Division of Labor Standards Enforcement's licensing department [HERE].
Application forms may also be requested by mail or fax:
  • Mailing address: P.O. Box 420603, San Francisco, CA 94142.
  • Street address: 455 Golden Gate Ave 9th Floor, San Francisco, CA 94102
  • Fax Number: (415) 703-4807
    Division of Labor Standards Enforcement (DLSE)
    For labor law information and assistance for your area
    24 hours a day, 7 days a week, call: (415) 703-5070
  • Federal Trade Commission
    Department of Industrial Relations
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