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California Payroll

EDD - Employment Development Department

General Information:

The EDD is the agency which regulates California payroll taxes.


Use the EDD's website and go to the Form DE 1 to register and obtain a California Payroll Identification Number. Registration is required for all employers that have payroll. Please see the payroll tax section for specific information needed to take care of payroll taxes. Failure to properly register, report and remit payroll taxes on a timely basis could result in substantial penalties and interest.

For immediate service in obtaining a California employer account number employers may do the following:
  1. Complete and sign a DE 1 registration form. You may also order forms online by clicking [HERE].
  2. You may also contact the EDD by phone. A representative will ask you for certain information from the completed form:
    (916) 654-7041
  3. Fax the form to the attention of the representative you spoke with and include on the fax cover sheet your name, phone number and fax number. The EDD should be able to fax your assigned California employer account number within 24 hours. The fax number is:
    (916) 654-9211
  4. You may also mail the completed form to:
    Employment Development Department
    Tax Status & Examination Group MIC 28
    P.O. Box 826880
    Sacramento, CA 94280-0001
You will receive the number by mail in approximately 4 - 6 weeks.